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8 Great Voice Auditions Nr 2

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Nearly all countries in the world have their own version of the Voice.
Here are some of the best blind auditions from all over the world.

0:20 Sawyer Fredericks - I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow - the Voice US
2:10 Lina Arndt - Big In Japan - Voice of Germany
3:46 Panos Vitzileos - Billie Jean - Voice of Greece
5:40 Matt Henry - Trouble - Voice UK
7:31 Karise Eden - It's A Man's World - Voice Australia
9:08 Melissa Janssen – House Of The Rising Sun - Voice of Holland
11:21 พละ ธนพล - The Blower's Daughter - Voice of Thailand
13:46 Ash Morgan - Never Tear Us Apart - Voice UK

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